Homemade Dirt Bike Stand

Updated April 17, 2017

To work on a dirt bike, you’ll want a stand that lifts the front or rear wheel by supporting the skid plate under the midpoint of the bike. For your own safety and to prevent damage to the dirt bike, the stand needs to be sturdy. Some commercial stands at their lowest point may be too tall to support dirt bikes, so a little ingenuity is in order in making your own.

Scissor Jacks

Add plates to a regular scissor jack--the type typically used to hoist cars to fix flat tires--to make this homemade dirt bike stand. Cut an 1/8-inch steel plate into a rectangle measuring 9 ¼ by 15 3/8 inches. Cut a ¼-inch steel plate into a 7-by-11-inch rectangle. Cut a 1/16-inch piece of steel metal into two rectangles, each measuring 30 by 19 ¾ inches. Use a sheet-metal brake or clamp and a 2-by-2 inch piece of lumber to bend each piece of sheet metal four times to create two footers measuring 3 ½ by 19 ¾ by 1 ½ inches.

Lay 1/8-inch steel plate across the two footers. Bolt the plate to the footers through each of its four corners.

Align the scissor jack across the top of the plate. Bolt the smaller ¼-inch plate to the top of the scissor jack. The completed homemade dirt bike stand should fit under the skid plate of most bikes at 6 ¼ inches at its lowest point and raise them as high as 18 inches.

Add a ½-inch rubber pad cut to 7-by-11 inches to the top of the ¼-inch plate to protect the dirt bike.

You can lift the dirt bike quickly on its stand using a cordless drill with a bit sized to fit the scissor jack or a jack handle.

For additional stability, cut a ¼-inch plate into a 10-by-10-inch square and bolt a hinge to the plate and the 1/8-inch steel plate, so it can be swung up to support and brace the topmost ¼-inch steel plate. For an illustration, see the photos labelled “A hinged ¼" by 10" by 10" steel plate to add more stability” in Two-Wheeled Texans: Bike Stand. Build Your Own (in References).

Milk Crates

For a simpler variation, make a homemade dirt bike stand out of scrap plywood and a milk crate. Cut the plywood to create a wide base that tapers to a top to fit the inside of the milk crate, typically 10 ½ inches deep by 12 inches wide. Cut a second identical piece. Cut slots along the centre line in the top of one piece of plywood and the bottom of the other, creating interlocking pieces. Slot one plywood piece into the other, top with the milk crate and balance your dirt bike on top.

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