Bathroom Sealant Removal

Updated February 21, 2017

The sealant silicone is around your bathtub or the sink will wear out over time and needs to be replaced. Sometimes it’s a matter that you have to replace the items that the sealant is surrounding. This silicone or sealant must be replaced and you cannot apply fresh sealant until all of the old material has been removed.

Tools and Protective Gear

You will need a scraper or a Stanley knife that is very sharp. You can also use a razor blade and a utility knife. You can also have a hair dryer and some silicone eater next to you in case of a tougher task. For your own protection, at least wear working gloves.


The putty will be quite stretchy in most cases, so you might be tempted to hack at the sealant. Refrain from doing this as you may scratch the surface. Use steady strokes to remove the sealant with your chosen sharp edge. Carve away from your body at all times for safety purposes.

If you wish, use the hair dryer to soften up the sealant before scraping. This may make the substance a little squishy, but it will come off a bit easier. Don’t apply excessive amounts of heat. Continue to scrap as much off as possible before resorting to other methods.


You can use various chemicals to remove sealant. Although it may sound easier, this should be your last resort. Check the labels and instructions first before using it. Often, you will not have to use very much as these are very strong. Check warning or caution signs on the label. Wear gloves while using these substances. Pour small amounts of the chemical onto the spots where the sealant is applied. Depending on the shape of the sealant remover bottle, you may need a sealant gun, but you can purchase those with a tip which you simply remove and apply the remover.

Another safer option is to pour some white liquor spirits on a clean rag and wipe it off. However, if you are applying more sealant soon after, do not use this method as it won’t stick. You will have to wipe off the alcohol a few times and wait for it to dry completely before even attempting to apply more sealant. Yet another substance is glue remover. This might be hard to find in some areas, but it works just as well.

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