How often should you breed a stud dog?

Dog breeding can be a heartwarming and financially rewarding experience. The best chosen male dog to become a stud is one with a clean bill of health and good temperament. The best dog breeders are those who are well versed on dog breeding. A responsible dog breeder and a healthy stud dog can make for a winning combination.

Frequency of Breeding

There is no definitive number of times a stud dog can breed. If the stud dog is able to perform the task, allow him to do his job. However, before allowing the stud dog to breed a number of concerns regarding the dog’s health, such as eyes, heart, allergies, temperament, etc., should be addressed so the potential of future genetic problems are not passed down to the offspring.

Be selective when breeding and do not overbreed the stud dog. It is recommended that a stud dog not be used more than eight to 10 times within his lifespan. A dog with a healthy diet, sound health and temperament can be used as a stud dog.

In addition, venturing into the dog breeding business can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience for all those involved. A respectful and responsible dog breeder and healthy stud dog can make for a rewarding experience.

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