How to Keep a Dog Hydrated

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Keeping your dog well hydrated in the fall and winter months is just as important as providing him with the necessary amounts of water he needs during the heat of summer. Even though the autumn and winter air may be cooler, your dog still needs a bowl of fresh, clean water throughout the day. During daily exercise your dog does not sweat, and panting is his only source of cool down, in addition to his water source. There are different factors to consider when determining how much water your dog needs to keep him hydrated throughout the day. Heavier dogs, and dogs with thicker coats, may require more water than smaller dogs with lighter coats. Overall, your dog will need approximately two times the amount of food that he consumes, in daily water. Certain illnesses will cause your dog to feel thirst more often, so his provisional needs may be higher.

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Things you need

  • Water
  • Water bowl
  • Hose
  • Automatic water bowl
  • Doggie back pack
  • Water bottles
  • Water toys

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    Carry a few bottles of water with you on your dog’s daily walk. Doggy back packs are sold that provide pocketed areas for this purpose. Allowing him to drink from the bottles during walking breaks will help to keep him well hydrated, even on cooler days.

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    Keep a fresh bowl of water out for your dog all day. The bowl can be placed in a designated area, ideally in the area where he eats. If he spends much of his day outdoors, water should be located in a shaded area where he can cool down and relax.

  3. 3

    If you will be away from your dog for several hours during the day, water should be provided in a large enough bowl to provide him with enough water while you are gone. If you are away from him for extended period of time, you may think about investing in an automatic watering bowl. The bowl comes equipped with a storage tank that slowly releases extra water as needed. Some even attach to your garden hose, providing him with an endless water supply.

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    If you will be away for several days, consider a pet sitter or neighbour that can feed, exercise, and provide him with his daily water. Not getting enough water for an extended period of time can be catastrophic to your pet’s health, causing digestion and kidney problems that can be prevented.

  5. 5

    Consider the quality of the water that you are providing for your dog. The water should be clean, and free of any impurities that are unhealthy. If your dog is not drinking from his bowl, check the water and see that it has not been contaminated with some type of foreign agent. Water that is unfit to drink will harm your pet, and cause unnecessary distress. Remember, if the water is not appealing to you, your pet may feel the same way.

Tips and warnings

  • There are also some dog play toys on the market that can provide him with some extra water in a fun way. Some of the toys release water when your dog bites down, and while this should never be considered a main water source, it is an enjoyable activity for your dog.
  • Be conscious of your dogs needs, and keep yourself in tune with his behaviour. Signs of dehydration can be subtle at first, but can escalate into dangerous scenarios. Symptoms of dehydration may be lethargy, dry mouth, sunken eyes, and lack of skin moisture.
  • If you suspect that your dog is dehydrated, provide him with water immediately, but in small amounts at a time. Observe him, and do not give him any food until you feel comfortable that he has consumed enough water.
  • If your dog becomes dehydrated do to vomiting, or excessive panting and drooling, and is refusing to drink, seek a veterinarians help immediately.

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