Homemade cleaner for chrome wheels

Written by antonia sorin | 13/05/2017

Chrome wheels look their best when they are clean and shiny. Although there are plenty of commercial chrome wheel polishing and cleaning solutions available at most auto supply stores, you don't have to buy any those since you can mix up your own with ingredients in your home.

Solventless Cleaner

If you use aluminium foil to clean your chrome wheels, you won't need to mix anything or spray anything on your tires. You don't even have to get a rag dirty. Simply rip off a piece of aluminium foil and place the rough side (the side that isn't shiny) against the chrome. Then simply rub the foil against the chrome in a circular motion until the chrome is clean.

Acidic Cleaners

Acids clean and polish chrome. Use either white distilled vinegar, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. Other types of vinegar have too many added ingredients to be as effective. Simply pour your chosen acid into a spray bottle undiluted. Spray the chrome wheels and wipe clean with a soft rag.

Oil Cleaner

Baby oil can be used much like the vinegar or lemon juice above, but it eliminates the need for a spray bottle. Open the bottle of baby oil and dampen a portion of a soft, clean cloth with the oil. Then buff the chrome to a bright shine. When one section of the cloth becomes dark from cleaning the chrome, dampen a new section and continue.

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