The best way to high gloss tyres

Updated February 21, 2017

When you drove your shiny new car home from the dealer everything looked great. From the high gloss on the headlights to the glow on the tyres, the entire car looked perfect. But after a few days of driving that high gloss had already started to fade, making the car look decidedly used. If you want to get that high gloss back on your tyres there are a number of commercial products and home remedies you can use to make those beauties look their best.

Foaming tyre cleaners

There are a number of foaming tyre cleaners on the market, and many of these cleaners can do a very good job. Foaming tire cleaners are designed to be applied liberally to the tyre, and as they are applied they create a foam that sticks to the entire tyre surface. As the preparation dries the foam disappears, leaving a residue that can simply be hosed off with a garden hose or a pressure washer. The idea is that the accumulated dirt on the tyre's surface is absorbed by the foam and washed away by the hose. If there is a significant accumulation of dirt on the tyre, you may need to use the foaming cleaner several times, or thoroughly wash the tyre with a hose before using the cleaner.

Armor All

The name Armor All has long been associated with car cleaning products, and Armor All makes a number of products specifically for cleaning tyres and wheels. However, many car owners find that the original Armor All used to clean dashboards and car interiors also does an excellent job on tyres. If the tyres have accumulated a great deal of dirt and debris, it is a good idea to hose them off thoroughly and allow them to dry before applying the Armor All. Spray the Armor All directly onto the tyre, then use a clean lint free cloth to polish the tyre. This process can be repeated as many times as you like until you have achieved the high gloss shine you want.

Home remedies

Commercial preparations are a great way to shine your tyres and bring back the look the car had when it was new, but many car owners also like to experiment with their own home tyre shine remedies. One of the most unique ways to make tyres shine is to apply a coating of motor oil to the sides. It is of course important to be careful, since getting motor oil into the treads could interfere with the tyre's ability to grip the road surface. If you change your own oil, you may want to try this technique on for size at your next oil change. Just dab a bit of your used motor oil onto the sides of your tyres and look for the shine.

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