Desa wireless doorbell instructions

Updated November 21, 2016

Desa (now owned by Health Zenith) wireless doorbells require two C alkaline batteries. Both the push button unit and the chime can be mounted indoors or outdoors with the mounting kit that comes with the units. You can also place the chime unit on a bookshelf or other place off the floor indoors. Wireless doorbells can be used to replace nonworking wired doorbells or to add a doorbell to a second door, such as a back door, in your home.

Push Button Unit

Push on the back of the push button unit where indicated to open the battery slot. Insert the included type A alkaline battery into the slot provided on the push button unit. Close the slot. Using adhesive or the mounting kit, attach the push button unit to your door frame or other desired location. Make sure to place the push button unit in a place that is obvious to visitors and is not obscured by foliage or decorative items near your door. If you can remove the old push button unit from your wired doorbell, you can put the new wireless push button in its place. Otherwise, be sure to tape over or otherwise mark your old push button so visitors know it is not the button to push.

Chime Unit

Press the bottom of the chime unit where indicated to open its battery area. Insert the two C alkaline batteries as shown in the diagram inside the battery slot. Close the bottom of the unit. Place the chime unit where you want it or use the mounting kit to hang it on a wall. The chime is best positioned at ear level or slightly higher, so that you hear it easily. Place it in an area away from moisture and out of the reach of children and pets. Position it so the speaker front faces forward into the room.

Testing the Doorbell

Test the doorbell by pressing the push button and listening for the chime. If the doorbell is hard to hear, experiment by moving the chime unit to different locations where it can be clearly heard.

Technical Service

For troubleshooting, visit the link in Resources for the full user's manual or visit the website at It's recommended to call 1-800-858-8501 from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST if a problem persists. Have your model number, date of purchase and place of purchase available.

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