Herbal Cure for a Cyst on the Knuckle

Bumps and lumps on your hands or wrists are most often ganglion cysts. Joint fluid collects in a small pocket formed by the lining of the joints, or knuckles, in the fingers and wrist. These are mucous cysts and are related to osteoarthritis and are usually found in people from 50 to 70 years old. This kind of cyst can simply be left alone with no harm. But if the cyst is painful or may rupture, an herbal cure for a cyst is a good option. Surgery to remove it may not reach the underlying cause if it is osteoarthritis.


All parts of the walnut plant, including bark, leaves and the hull when it is green or dried, will break up a cyst when taken orally. Chaparral or creosote bush is also good for cysts taken orally or as a poultice. Other herbs to break up cysts include wormwood, chamomile, gravel root, slippery elm, garlic, corn silk, apple cider vinegar and wild carrot. You can purchase these herbs online or in your local health food store. Simply follow package instructions or see an herbalist for the exact dosage for your specific condition.

Chinese Herbs

The Chinese view cysts as benign accumulations of fluids, which are mainly caused by poor blood flow. The Chinese treatments combine many herbs to affect not only the symptoms, but also the underlying cause. Because toxins in the blood are deposited in cysts, there are many blood purifying techniques. There is a blood purifier from a Chinese doctor, Bi Lai Zhai, in the year 1529 that is still used today. It contains Chinese angelica root, Chinese foxglove root, ligustici wallichii, macrocephala rhizome, white peony root, codonopsis radix, atractylodes, poria cocos, and a Chinese liquorice root that is baked with honey, all of which detoxify the blood and restore healthy blood flow. They work together, so they should always be taken combined. They will shrink most cysts. See an herbalist or a naturopathic for specific dosages.

Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander

Many herbal cyst remedies focus on ovarian cysts, but in traditional Chinese medicine all cysts have the same cause and the same herbs are prescribed. For example, this recipe for ovarian cysts will shrink any cyst: Make a tincture of vitex berries, motherwort leaves, burdock root and red raspberry leaves; combine 1 tsp with a 1/2 tsp of prickly ash bark and ginger rhizome. Blend them and consume 1 tsp three times daily. The Chinese see a connection in the lack of blood flow and weakness in the system to throw out the toxins. That means some remedies for ovarian cysts also work as an herbal cure for a cyst on the knuckle. Christopher Hobbs and Kathi Keville wrote in their book "Women's Herbs, Women's Health," "Herbalists see fibroids and cysts as places where vital energy is stuck". This is also how the Chinese view cysts anywhere on the body; a lack of blood flow or blood stagnation.

If it Doesn't Bother You, Don't Bother It

Most cysts on the hands are harmless and, unless they are painful or unsightly, you should just leave them alone. They may or may not go away by themselves, but there is no harm if they stay. If you consider that they are a symptom of internal imbalances, simply choose an herbal cure to heal the underlying cause.

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