Homemade Car Paint Booth

Updated February 21, 2017

Having a car painted is one of the best ways to give it a custom look or bring it back to its original appearance; however, complete car paint jobs can cost upwards of £650 from some auto shops. Constructing a paint booth and painting a car at home is a good way to save money while taking more control of the painting process. A makeshift spray booth can be built inside an existing structure like a garage or barn, or can be constructed outdoors if more space is needed.


Decide on a size for your paint booth. This will depend on the size of the vehicle, but remember to allow room for the person doing the painting and all of the necessary equipment.

The Frame

To build a freestanding frame for your paint booth use 1-inch PVC piping. PVC is inexpensive and durable and can be found at any hardware store. Cut the piping to length and use PVC joints for the corners and to add cross braces to make the structure more solid. If working outdoors, consider 2-inch PVC piping, which will be better at standing up to wind and the elements.


Construct walls for the paint booth by cutting transparent plastic dust sheets to size and attaching them to the PVC frame with duct tape. Completely enclose the paint booth, leaving one wall untaped so that it can be rolled back to serve as a door.


To set up a ventilation system replace a section of the plastic sheeting with a household box fan. Position the fan so that it blows air outward and seal the edges with duct tape. On the opposite wall remove a section of plastic and insert a cotton bedsheet. This will serve as a filter and can be dampened with a spray bottle to keep dust and debris out of the booth that could damage wet paint.

Usage and Storage

A PVC and plastic paint booth can be reused many times. It can also be disassembled easily and stored for later use. The bedsheet filter should be washed occasionally, and new tape should be used each time the paint booth is set up to make sure that the interior is a controlled environment.

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