Home Cures for Excessive Facial Sweating

Updated April 17, 2017

To some people, excessive sweating means they had an intense, productive exercise routine. To others, it means it's too hot, sticky and humid. While sweating does have its positive effects (for instance, it can prevent clogged pores), excessive facial sweating causes severe discomfort, and even may cause embarrassment. If you suffer from facial hyperhidrosis, try some of the following home cures to improve your condition.

Applications for the Face

Before trying any home cure or remedy, consult your doctor and make sure the treatments will benefit your condition. Also, splash cool water over your face and wash regularly.

Use wet wipes on your face. Wet wipes contain astringent materials that help clean and dry your face. Some wipes contain deodorant properties, which will help block sweat pores and lead you to experience less sweating.

Witch hazel acts as a natural facial antiperspirant and has astringent properties that shrink your skin's cells, slowing exudation. Use the herbal extract to dry your skin, inhibit inflammation and reduce appearance of pores. You can find the herb at a local drug store.

If you use facial creams or lotions, stop usage for a while. If you have to use a cream, use light, less concentrated creams that your skin can easily absorb. A lot of creams have thick concentration and form a film over your face, which does not let your sweat dry, resulting in a build-up of facial sweat.

Apply talcum powder to your face, keeping it away from your ears, eyes and nose. If putting on make-up, use a thin, loose compact powder (which has the same effect as talcum powder). If you're looking for a temporary fix to your excessive facial sweating, use aloe vera gel. Aloe vera works as a skin healer and only will slow your sweating for a few hours.

Diet and Oral Cures

Your diet may play a role in your facial hyperhidrosis, so stop consuming materials that may increase your stress levels (high stress could increase sweating). Rather than regular coffee and tea, drink soothing herbal tea. Beverages like buttermilk, fruit juices and water help depress excessive facial sweating, so drink those regularly throughout your day. For one week, drink a glass of freshly grated tomato juice daily. After a week, drink every other day.

Instead of meats, eat vegetarian items (though avoid vegetables like asparagus, broccoli and onions, which may add to the scent of perspiration). Eat foods with low salt content and avoid spicy foods.

You can ingest some mixtures to help cure your hyperhidrosis. Mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with two teaspoons of raw organic honey. Drink it on an empty stomach, three times daily, before each meal.

Mix one teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll with one millilitre of sage fluid extract. Add the mixture to a glass of orange juice or another juice that you enjoy. You also can add dried sage to a cup of boiled water, letting the water sit for at least 15 minutes before you strain and drink it.

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