Sotto Pellet Hormone Therapy

SottoPelle Hormone Therapy is a treatment regimen that women often choose as a means of alleviating menopause symptoms. Billed as a natural hormone replacement, it also can be used by men. There are various considerations you should acknowledge before choosing this therapy.


SottoPelle is a registered trademark for a specific type of hormone replacement therapy used to treat the symptoms of menopause in women and sexual inadequacy in men. Menopause is the transition process in which a woman's body stops producing eggs and in which her body produces less oestrogen. This can cause a variety of health issues. In turn, SottoPelle is a means of naturally replacing the hormones that the woman's body no longer produces. According to Gary S. Donovitz, M.D., of, SottoPelle uses pellets derived from natural plant sources to replicate normal hormone levels. These pellets contain both oestrogen and testosterone. A certified physician implants these pellets under the skin, and they provide hormone therapy for up to six months.


According to Donovitz, use of SottoPelle in women provides superior relief from typical menopausal symptoms in comparison to conventional hormone replacement therapy. Additionally, Donovitz says on his website that in studies SottoPelle hormone replacement therapy provided better bone density maintenance and regulation of sleeping patterns. He also recommends that men consider SottoPelle hormone replacement therapy because men undergo a loss of testosterone as they age as well, which can lead to a reduced sexual drive.

According to, use of the pellets is a determination that comes after a certified physician screens the patient and conducts an extensive review of the patient's blood work. Once those are completed, the physician determines the appropriate dosage of SottoPelle. Your doctor should monitor you while you use this hormone replacement therapy. The key advantage that SottoPelle cites is that because it is an implant under your skin, the therapy provides a sustained delivery of natural hormones to prevent "peaks and valleys" common to other hormone replacement treatments.


According to, the SottoPelle manufacturers have exaggerated the product. Given that it is an intensive product, it must be implanted under the skin and can prove to be quite expensive. Additionally, the claims that the hormones are in fact natural is a bit overdrawn because the hormones are derived from plant products and are not necessarily produced by the patient's body. The final note that makes is that there have not been extensive clinical trials conducted to test the efficacy and safety of SottoPelle hormone replacement therapy. A person considering taking SottoPelle should weigh these options before using this product.

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