Exercises for men over 50

As you get older, exercising becomes an important part of life and can make you look and feel better. Because the average man begins losing muscle at around the age of 30, it's never too early to start maintaining or increasing strength in your body. Regular exercise can be incorporated into your lifestyle and improve your heart and respiratory function, lower blood pressure and reduce body fat. All of these elements are especially important for men over the age of 50, and have a dramatic effect on your quality of life for years to come.


Swimming is one of the best exercises for men over the age of 50, because it allows you to move your body without bearing your weight. It's a way for you to strengthen and tone your body in a supported way. Swimming allows you to exercise freely without putting stress on your bones and joints when your exercise. This type of exercise can benefit your body by improving cardiovascular conditioning, posture, muscle strength, stress reduction, and lowering your risk of osteoporosis.

Dumbbell Weights

Dumbbell weights provide you with the convenience and flexibility to exercise in a fitness centre or at home. You can use either a full set or an adjustable set of dumbbells to accommodate your various training exercises. When beginning your strength program start by performing a workout that consists of 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. Basic exercises include the chest press, overhead press, curls and squats.

To perform a chest press, lie down on a bench and hold the dumbbells at your shoulders. Lift your arms straight up, and touch the dumbbells together as you extend you arms upwards. Overhead presses consist of holding the dumbbells at your shoulders, while standing or sitting in an upright position. Lift the dumbbells over your head before bringing them back down to your shoulders.

Curls are designed to strengthen your bicep muscles and tone your arms. Keeping the weights at your sides, bend your elbows and bring the dumbbells to your shoulders.

To perform a squat, hold the dumbbells at your sides, while keeping your feet shoulder length apart. Slowly bend your knees, so that your hamstrings become parallel with the ground and then lift yourself back up.


Yoga can be extremely beneficial for men over the age of 50 because it can help reduce and alleviate many of the health challenges you may face. Not only does yoga improve flexibility and muscle tone, but it can also help you reduce stress. Stress can be very problematic for men over the age of 50, and it can lead to a variety of health problems. Yoga can be done at home using instruction provided by a DVD or in class with a professional instructor. Other benefits of yoga include improving chronic pain, breathing problems, blood pressure, blood circulation, arthritis, lean body tissue and osteoporosis.

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