Natural healing for internal scar tissue

Updated April 17, 2017

Internal scar tissue can form in response to a serious injury that immobilises a region of the body. Whether a scar forms in your lungs, back, abdomen or legs, you can speed the healing process with a combination of natural treatments. Vitamins, herbs and physical therapy all help your body recover.

Vitamins and Supplements

According to Herbs 2000, Vitamin E tablets will prevent scar tissue from forming after an injury. If a scar has already formed, take two tablets a day to cut down on your healing time. You can also take Vitamin C supplements to boost your immune system.

Silica will help your body expel harmful errata such as glass and plastic. Try aloe vera capsules---according to Well Tell Me, a long-term diet of several capsules a day can drastically reduce your pain and recovery time. You may also drink aloe vera juice, which the body absorbs more quickly than capsules.

Physical Therapy

Constant motion widens the area of your scar tissue that will heal quickly. According to Massage Today, stretching the area around your scar will expose it to a full range of motion and lessen your discomfort. Move the joints surrounding the scar as often as possible within the limits of your pain.

You should also talk to a physical therapist, who can provide you with stretches and exercises. They may also give you massage techniques, which can relax the muscles surrounding the scar and stimulate the cells in the tissue.

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