Design of Driveway Entrances

Updated February 21, 2017

You have many options when it comes to creating a driveway entrance to your property. A driveway entrance can help set the tone for the rest of your property for people that are visiting you for the first time. A Gothic look to your driveway entrance can give people a dark feeling, while a pleasant pillar look can make people feel anticipation at reaching your home. You also have the option of adding gates to keep out intruders and protect your property.

Driveway Basics

Texas A&M University suggests a driveway with an entrance opening of at least 12 feet in width is ideal for a decorated entrance, and having at least 20 feet of total space to work with will create enough room to install any foundations or other structures necessary for your driveway entrance. Many driveways have storm pipes running under the entrance, and it would be advisable to have your local town or city engineers look at the pipe to make sure it is structurally sound. You will want to hire your own engineer to make sure that you have proper drainage for your driveway to prevent water from damaging the entrance structures.

Gated Entrances

When designing a gated entrance you will want to use practical materials but still get an old-fashioned look. Instead of using iron for your wrought iron fence consider using painted aluminium. According to, aluminium is lighter than iron and does not rust but still gives that decorative iron look. If you are considering a wooden gate, then use pressure-treated wood to help your gate survive the elements. New advances in deck-wood products have created a composite wood that is lighter than regular wood, lasts longer and is easier to clean. You can have your wooden driveway gate entrance with none of the maintenance hassles that normally accompany real wood.

Without a Gate

A driveway entrance can be decorative without a gate. Pillars made from brick on either side of the entrance can be used as places to install lights and make your driveway easier to see at night. You can create an attractive driveway entrance with vinyl fencing. Use large house pillars as the end posts of your fence to give your entrance a different look.

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