Do it yourself pull-out pantry

Updated December 21, 2016

No matter how large or small your kitchen is, you can always use extra storage space. A pull-out pantry is a good way to make use of any unused areas between your cabinets. It's also a way to make efficient use of existing cabinetry. With basic carpentry skills, you can add a pull-out pantry to your kitchen in no time at all. And you might just be amazed at how much extra storage it gives you.

Location of Your Pull-Out Pantry

Look around your kitchen for available space to build your storage pantry. You may want to build the pull-out shelves inside an existing tall cabinet. Or you may want to build a freestanding pull-out pantry in the narrow area that may exist between your stove and cabinets or between the cabinets and the refrigerator. Regardless of where you build the pantry, it should allow you easy access to the food you store in it.

Consider what type of dry goods you wish to store in your pantry. The storage pantry should be large enough to accommodate cans, if that's what you plan to store in it. If it's for spices or smaller items, you can build a smaller pull-out pantry.

Materials and Tools

Choose either a stock cabinet or the wood to make your own pull-out pantry. You also need wood for your shelving. Metal slides enable the shelves to operate smoothly. If you are going to be putting a lot of weight on the shelves, purchase heavy-duty slides.

Set up your saw so that it is easily accessible. If you are using purchased shelving and a stock cabinet, you just need basic carpentry tools. To build your own, you may wish to use a router to build the joints of the cabinet and shelving.


Cut out the pieces to your specifications. Join the sides and top of the cabinet. Add a face frame. Attach the back to the cabinet.

Build the shelves for your pull-out pantry. Attach the slides to the sides of the storage pantry. Secure the slides to the shelves.

Attach the door panel to the pantry. Finish the wood with paint or stain that matches your existing cabinetry.

Slide the pull-out pantry into its place in the kitchen. Secure it to the studs in the wall behind it.

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