Home Remedies for Bleach Damaged Hair

Updated February 21, 2017

Various factors can lead to damaged hair, including constant heat styling, chemical processing such as bleaching, perms or colouring and hair that is dry from natural causes (i.e., lack of fatty acids to nourish hair. Home remedies for bleach-damaged hair help to provide nourishment to dry, brittle strands.


With damaged hair caused by over-bleaching, it is important to wash hair to help restore moisture and nourishment to the hair. Since bleached hair is very delicate, take special care when shampooing the hair not to pull on any parts of the hair to prevent breaking.

Use a shampoo and conditioners designed specifically for dry or damaged hair. The formula is less acidic than normal shampoo, and includes ingredients such as selenium sulphide and zinc pyrithione, both which cleanse and strengthen the hair.

Condition hair at each wash. Avoid conditioners that contain alcohol, since it can strip remaining moisture from the strands and make them more prone to breakage. Once a week, use a deep conditioning treatment or masque to add extra moisture to the hair. Overnight conditioners also work well for those who need additional moisture in their hair.

Home Remedies

Home remedies for bleach-damaged hair include ingredients found in the house. Olive oil is used as a deep treatment ingredient, providing a deep moisturising treatment for dry, brittle hair. To create a treatment, use 1/2 cup of warm olive oil and massage it into dry hair. Massage the scalp with the oil, nourishing and increasing natural oil production for healthy hair and scalp. Once the olive oil is massaged throughout, wrap the hair in plastic wrap and cover with a towel. Leave on for approximately 30 minutes and then wash out with a shampoo for dry or damaged hair.

Mayonnaise is a healthy, natural conditioner. The cholesterol found in mayonnaise provides a deep conditioning treatment to bleach-damaged hair. To create a masque, spread regular mayonnaise throughout dry hair, and cover with plastic. Leave on the hair for approximately 30 minutes, washing out with shampoo for damaged hair.

Avoid using a blow dryer on bleach-damaged hair, instead allowing hair to air dry. Brush the hair as soon as it is completely dry for reduced breakage.

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