Volvo C70 DIY Oil Change

Checking and changing the oil on your Volvo C70 is not only one of the most important maintenance jobs you can do for your car, but it is also one of the easiest, most basic of procedures. Even the uninitiated do-it-yourself mechanic can competently accomplishment an oil change in less than 30 minutes.

Tools of the Trade

Every do-it-yourself mechanic should have a set of tools to perform an oil change. A wide, shallow drain pan, rubber gloves, a breaker bar to help loosen a tight drain plug, ratchet, an oil filter wrench, a hydraulic floor jack and a set of jack stands are the basic necessities for the job.

Scheduled Maintenance

According to Volvo's scheduled maintenance recommendations, a C70 model should have an engine oil and filter change every 7,500 miles.

Prep Work

Before changing the oil and oil filter, run the engine for two to three minutes, but no more than that. This will heat up the oil, allowing it to drain more rapidly. Raise the vehicle up safely, and place a drain pan under the drain plug.

Draining the Oil

A 17mm wrench can be used to loosen the drain plug. Unscrew the plug by hand while exerting some pressure on it to prevent leakage. Recheck the position of the drain pan, and remove the plug. While you have the plug in hand, check the gasket for cracks. Buy a new one if there is any damage. Allow the oil to drain completely.

Oil Refill

After all the oil has drained, and the worn gasket has been replaced, reinstall the drain plug. One of the most common do-it-yourself mistakes is to over-tighten. Make sure the plug is screwed back in snugly, but do not overdo it. Remove the drain pan and lower the car. Remove the oil filler cap, place a funnel in the opening and refill the crankcase with synthetic oil. The C70 has a 6.1-quart capacity. The turbo model holds 6.8 quarts. Replace the filler cap, run the engine and check for leaks. Shut the engine off, wait a few minutes, then check the oil level with the dip stick, topping up if necessary.

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