Steps for Small Dogs

Updated February 21, 2017

A recent poll revealed that 50 per cent of American pet-owners think of their pets as just as big a part of the family as a human. It's no surprise, then, that an idea was thought to help doggy get on the couch, on the bed or in the car, because those are places any family member can go. That idea is pet steps (pet stairs) or pet ramps.

What are They?

Pet steps are basically miniature stairs made for pets. They are at least two steps but can be as many as six steps, and even more if you combine two pet steps together or have them custom made. There are multiple types of pet steps made by different companies. Some pet steps are made of foam similar to a memory foam mattress. Some steps are made of firmer materials like wood or metal. Some are covered in fabrics or carpets so that they can be matched to your home decor.

There are also pet ramps, which are usually for outdoor purposes to help dogs and other small animals get up a patio or into a car.

Why Get Them?

The reason for pet steps is simple: to help pets get up to high places on their own. Often, pet steps are purchased when an animal is too old to jump up on to a bed, couch or other high spot on its own. If your dog used to sleep with you every night and now can't get up on the bed, emotional outbursts or depression could become a problem. It's also good for helping them get down from high places. If your dog sleeps with you but can't get down anymore, accidents can happen.

Age isn't the only factor. Pet steps are helpful with pets of all ages who are too small to get to high places on their own. Small dogs like pugs, chihuahuas and yorkies may need pet steps to help them get into the car or get on the bed. This is usually about owner preference wanting the dog to be able to get up and down from the bed or couch.

Where to Buy?

Pet steps can be purchased at pet stores like Petsmart, Petco or small, local pet stores. They can also be bought online at speciality pet stores or sites like and eBay. Prices range from under £19 for plastic material steps to over £195 for some custom six-step carpeted stairs. While generic steps will usually do, custom steps are good for those who need the steps to fit into tight spaces or to match specific carpet or wood tones.

Pet steps can also be built with little cost! Simply search for instructions online, which should give wood dimensions. Go to your nearest home improvement store to pick up some wood and other supplies.

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