How to Build a Cinder Block Kennel

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Caring for pets can be a full time job and requires just as much responsibility as caring for children. Just as we protect our homes from bad weather and catastrophes such as thunderstorms, dogs need protective shelter as well. The solution lies in building your dog a cinder bock kennel which aids in keeping out cold air, rain and other undesirable effects. The solid walls of the kennels help protect the dog from adverse weather and keep your dog safe and cosy. Although it is a slightly challenging task, build your dog a breeze block kennel through these steps.

Estimate and calculate the required size of your kennel according to the size of your dog. Use your hoe or shovel to make a hole about 4 inches into the ground. The hole should match the mass and form of the kennel. Fill the hole with cement and even it out. Add a 2 by 4 wooden board on top of it and wait for the cement to dry for about 48 hours.

Cover the base of the footer with mortar, especially the opening required for the gate. Place and set a single breeze block upon the mortar. Coat the edges of the breeze block with mortar and place a second block next to it making sure it is in perfect alignment with the first one. Continue with this procedure linking each block until you do a complete side of the footer. Slice one breeze block into two and place it onto the first sheet of block. Continue with the second sheet in the same way. Use a full block for the third sheet and half of a block for the fourth sheet. Build your structure to your required elevation. Allow your structure to dry and hold for a period of 48 hours.

Use wooden boards for the gate with the dimensions of 2 by 4. Cut them to the appropriate shape and size and screw them into the cement using a drill.

Measure the required length for your roof trusses and attach them to your roof. Fix them above the breeze blocks. You may add hurricane security belts to the roof by twisting them into the trusses. Add tar paper and plywood on top of the trusses.

Make sure you have fastened all the components properly to the roof. Fasten shingles onto all the sides of the roof. Secure them by hammering them in. Adding all of these components will ensure durability and weather proofing of your dog kennel. Keep your dog safe inside. Add a blanket to add to the coziness and remain assured that your dog is happy.

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