Tightening Loose Underarm Skin

Updated June 13, 2017

Dangling fat and skin on the bottom of the upper arms is unpleasant. As you lose weight, you are more likely to have excess skin hanging from your arms if you do not stay properly hydrated or work out the arm muscles. There are several ways to reduce the appearance of loose skin on the arms and with some hard work and dedication you can soon wear sleeveless shirts with pride.


Exercise is the most effective way to get rid of loose skin on your underarms. It will tone the muscles in the arms, filling out the skin. It will help you burn the excess fat that is causing the skin to sag. The muscles underneath the top of the arms are called triceps. There are several easy ways to tone triceps without any exercise equipment. One exercise, called dips, includes the use of a sturdy chair with arms. Stand in front of the chair, facing away from it. Put your hands on the chair and dip you body down, while holding onto the chair with your hands, and bending the knees. Begin with ten reps daily and add more when this becomes too easy. Another exercise requires no equipment. Lay down on the floor on your side. Use the arm that is closer to the ceiling to do a push-up. To do this, place your hand, palm down, on the floor, and push down until your shoulder of the opposite arm lifts off the floor. Begin doing as many as you can on one side, then switch.


After losing weight, many people are faced with sagging skin. However, it is often more than just skin sagging. Usually there is still excess fat weighing down skin that has lost some elasticity during rapid body changes. By eating a sensible diet combined with triceps exercises, you will amplify toning results. Include ample water in your diet. Staying hydrated will help the skin regain elasticity. Foods that promote healthy skin include: salmon, pumpkin seeds, oysters, egg, oatmeal, and ginger.

Additional Tips

To further moisturise the skin, you can apply toning lotions to your underarms. The extra hydration and toning ingredients can promote elasticity of the skin and cell regrowth. Using toning lotions alone will not get rid of saggy skin but can help the area gain suppleness when added to a diet and exercise regimen.

For older people, whose skin has lost the ability to repair itself, or those who have lost hundreds of pounds in may be near impossible to get rid of saggy skin underneath the arms. Plastic surgery can be done as a last resort to eliminate saggy skin.

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