Russian games for kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Children all over the world play games that have been passed down through tradition. Russian children play games that are similar to what American kids play. For example, the old Russian game of "fipe" is played like "hide and seek" in the United States. Here are three games played by Russian children.

Russian Games

Cossacks and Robbers: Divide the kids into two teams, the "Cossacks" and the "Robbers." While the Cossacks choose a location for their camp and pick one child to stay as a guard, the Robbers run and hide. The Cossacks search for Robbers, and bring the captured players back to their camp. The game ends when all of the Robbers have been captured and are held at the campsite.

Caraway: Children form a circle and hold hands. One child is in the centre. Kids in the circle sing and move to a song as the child in the middle tries to break through. If he succeeds, he joins the circle and another goes into the middle. The children move to the actions they are singing about.

Caraway, caraway, You can go any way, (move right and left in unison) You can go to your left, (move left as a group) You can go to your right, (move right as a group) You can be very tall, (raising joined hands up into the air, standing on tiptoe) You can be very small (squatting low).

The song is repeated until the child in the middle breaks through.

Who Is Stronger: This is a type of tug-of-war game with two teams. Instead of using a rope, the children stand in line behind each other, holding onto the waist or shoulders of the one in front of them. The first child on each team faces the other, with a line drawn in the dirt between their feet. Each child pulled over that line has to join the other team until all the children on one team have crossed over to the other team's side.

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