Homemade pain killers

There are times that you need pain relief but don't have any medicinal ones in the house, or simply don't want to take any medicinal pain killers. Luckily, there are pain killers that you can make yourself at home, in a pinch, that can help you relieve your pain without the use of medicine. While some chronic pain issues may need further discussion with your health care provider, pain from minor headaches, bumps and bruises can all be remedied with things you have in your pantry.


Ice has been used for centuries as a numbing agent for pain. The cold blocks the nerves from feeling the pain. While this pain killer is short lived, as it only lasts as long as you apply the ice, it can be the perfect pain killer for bumps, bruises, sore throats and other minor injuries. Make your own ice pack by crushing a few cups of ice and placing in a zippered plastic bag. You can also apply packaged frozen foods to the area; frozen peas are a good choice because they can conform to the body, adding extra pain relief.

Oatmeal Salve

Those who suffer from joint pain, arthritis or tendinitis can tell you how tiresome it is to take medicine for their daily pain. However, you can try an oatmeal salve that will help you massage your pain away. Add two cups of oats to one cup of water, and microwave until warm. Then, scoop up some of the mixture and rub it onto your aching joints in small, circular motions. The warmth from the oats will be retained as you spread it onto your joints. The heat will soothe your joints, while the massaging motion will loosen them. Leave on for as long as desired, and then rinse off with water. For anti-inflammatory pain relief, add two teaspoons of yarrow, found at your local health food store.


While you may not immediately think of alcohol as being a good pain killer, it can be invaluable when dealing with a toothache. Not only will the alcohol numb the pain in your mouth, but it was also kill any infection that is present. Use a hard liquor like whiskey. Swish about three tablespoons of whiskey in your mouth for one minute. Then spit it back out. Of course, you could also swallow it to get rid of some of the pain as well. If you don't drink alcohol or don't have any on hand, pure vanilla extract works in the same manner.


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