Kids & Indoor P.E. Activities

Updated November 21, 2016

Kid-friendly activities in a physical education class help children get the exercise they need in an exciting way. When planning a physical education class, keep in mind that many stimulating games can be played indoors. Indoor games keep the children in when the weather is bad outside; encourage indoor activities to promote a healthy lifestyle for your class.

Golf Ball Hunt

Get several golf balls and write point values on them in black marker. Place several items, such as bags, mats and cones, on the gym floor, and hide the golf balls under them. Divide the players into equal teams and give each team a bucket. All players must line up at the starting line and place their team bucket beside them. When you shout, "Go," all players will run to find the hidden golf balls. When a player finds a golf ball, he must return it to his bucket before getting another one. The object is to find as many golf balls as possible, while keeping in mind that the higher the point value, the better. After the children have found all the golf balls, count the total points for each team. The team with the most points wins the game.

Ball Tag

For every 10 players, you will need one "it" player. Give each "it" a reasonably soft ball. Have all players stand on the opposite side of the gym from the "it" players. When you say, "Go," the "it" players will chase the other players around the gym, trying to throw the ball at another player to tag him. All players can run around the gym but must stay inside the basketball court lines. If a player catches a ball that an "it" player throws, the "it" player is out of the game and the player who caught the ball becomes the new "it." If "it" hits a player, the player is out of the game. If the "it" player throws the ball and misses a player, he can pick the ball up and try again. Keep playing until only "it" players remain - and they win the game.

Blind Volleyball

Divide the players into equal teams and set up a volleyball net. Take large blanket and drape it over the volleyball net so it hangs to the floor. Play this game with a large beach ball. Players will play volleyball with normal rules, but the game will be harder because they will not be able to see the ball coming over. The first team to score 10 points wins the game.

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