Daniel Bible Story Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

Daniel is one of the most loved characters of the Old Testament. An example of honesty, integrity and faith, Daniel has given hope to and inspired millions of Christians throughout the ages. Making crafts centred on Daniel's story can help children remember the lessons and apply the stories to their lives. However, the crafts should never be just about Daniel, just about lions, or just about a dream; the point should always centre on God.

Daniel and His Friends

The first step in deciding how to approach a craft on Daniel is deciding what story to tell and what point to emphasise. There are several stories in the text. One story is the account of Daniel and his friends' faithfulness to God. When all the other exiles in Babylon gave in to the King's commands, Daniel and his friends refused. As a result, God blessed them, and they eventually received the King's favour.

A simple craft can help kids think about doing what God wants instead of doing what their peers want. To simulate the meals and food that the exiles had in Babylon, pass out two paper plates to each child. Then, with crayons, have each child draw on the first paper plate different types of "food" their friends like to "eat." For instance, they might have one part of the plate be "dressing cool," and label another part "playing baseball." Then, on the other plate, have them draw the "food" that God wants, like "be nice," "play with others" or "love my neighbour." Afterwards, talk about how the children can choose what God wants.

Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar

The story of Daniel's interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's dream emphasises the sovereignty of God and his ability to use his people for his purposes.

Students can illustrate this story with paper and crayons. Have the students pair up, and have one student lay half of his or her face on half the paper. The other student traces the outline of the student's face with a black crayon. Then, the students switch and repeat. Tell the students that the face is a picture of them sleeping; then, have the students draw cartoon thought bubbles over the face. In the bubbles, have the students draw out the scenes from the Bible story. End by talking about the point of the story and how God was in control the whole time, using Daniel.

Daniel and the Lion's Den

The story of Daniel and the Lion's Den, a favourite among children and adults alike, emphasises God's protection over his people.

One idea for a Daniel craft is making hand-puppet lions. Give each student a small paper bag, and set out orange, red and yellow construction paper, scissors, crayons and tape. Allow the students to draw a lion face on their bag, then using the scissors, allow them to cut out a mane for the lion. Encourage them to use a wide variety of colours and sizes. Tape the mane onto the paper bag. Then, with the lion puppets, have the students act out the Bible story, including the moment when the angel shuts the lions' mouths.

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