Help Filling Out Divorce Papers

Updated March 16, 2017

Filing for divorce involves a great deal of legal paperwork, and you're probably going to need help making sense of it. The best way to protect your interests, of course, is to have a qualified and experienced divorce lawyer. But if you cannot afford a lawyer, or choose not to retain one, there are resources in your community that can assist you in filling out divorce papers.

Legal Aid

Contact the Legal Aid organisation in your community. Legal Aid helps people who cannot afford a private lawyer, including for divorce cases. Many Legal Aid offices can provide standard forms and basic information on how to prepare them. You may also qualify for representation by a Legal Aid lawyer. Qualification is based on income.

Law School Clinics

Contact a local law school. Most law schools in the United States have clinical programs for students in their final year. Law students in these programs have temporary authorisation to represent people in certain types of cases, under the supervision of licensed attorneys. These clinics may offer both standard forms for divorce cases and information on filling them out. As with Legal Aid, you may qualify for direct representation from the law clinic.

Court Clerk's Office

Visit your local court clerk's office. Typically, this office will have standardised forms that you can use for your divorce case. More often than not, however, the office staff won't be able to provide anything more than rudimentary information on filling them out. They are not allowed to give legal advice of any kind. That said, the court clerk can probably furnish written instructions on how the forms must be completed to be filed with the court. One benefit of this resource is that the information will be specifically tailored to comply with that court's procedures.

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