Homemade Wire Gerbil Cage

Updated June 05, 2017

Making a gerbil cage is inexpensive and easy when you know what you are doing. Building one yourself allows you to personalise the cage for your gerbil. You can create spaces for the gerbil to exercise and sleep or make it large enough to hold gerbils you might acquire in the future.

Creating an All-Wire Cage

Use metal wire mesh so that the gerbil cannot easily chew through the outside of the cage. Use a wooden base for the cage and then create walls around the cage using the mesh. Cut the mesh so that each wall is individual and then attach clips to keep the walls connected. Make sure it is not possible for the gerbil to squeeze out of the corners of the cage. The lid should be made from mesh and attached with enough clips so that the gerbil cannot push it off of the cage.

Filling the Cage

The essential equipment to include includes a water bottle attached to the side of the cage, a nest box and a sand bath. Your gerbil needs these items to stay clean, sleep and survive. Choose toys that appeal to the gerbil's desire to chew and burrow, and add a running wheel so the gerbil can get much-needed exercise. A block of wood or a branch from an apple tree provide are good for chewing, an toilet paper rolls and small cardboard boxes gives gerbils a place to hide. Also, add different platform levels so the gerbil can jump from one to the other.

Reuse a Fish Tank

You can create an ideal home for your gerbil by converting an old fish tank into a "gerbilarium." Cover the top of a fish tank that is at least 10 gallons with wire mesh. Clip the mesh on to keep the mesh securely attached. The inside of the tank should include at least 2 inches of shavings as a base. The gerbilarium makes watching your gerbil easy and reduces the mess from shavings coming outside of the tank. It is also easier to clean.

Accommodating more Gerbils

If your cage is all wire, extending it to make room for more gerbils is easy. You can just build another cage and use a plastic tube to create a tunnel between the two. If you are using a "gerbilarium," however, you will have to get a new tank.

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