Dog Racing Tips

Updated November 21, 2016

Watching the dogs race is thrilling and exciting. Greyhounds stretched out, running full tilt down the track, can be breathtaking. As with any racing, you can do some betting, winning and losing at the dog track.

Educate Yourself

In order to really enjoy the dog track, you need to learn about handicapping and strategy. According to the website Hot Track Tips you will need to learn about terms such as "Rate," which is the "value" of a particular race; plus other terms such as Early Speed, Late Speed, Class, Potential Speed and Form. Some of these may sound self-explanatory, but are not. You will need to check out the odds for the different dogs, and make your bet before race time.

Pick Recent Runners

When looking over the playbook, always give a preference to the dogs that have run recently. These will have an edge over dogs that have been off the track for awhile, and are always a better bet. Also look for dogs that have had some wins at some decent races. Picking the long shot is exactly what it sounds like--a long shot at success.

Study the Playbooks

The printed playbooks and online playbooks are very well informed. Their authors have spent a lot of time and effort in determining the odds, and their picks will usually come in the first three spots. It is well worth the time to utilise their knowledge and bet wisely.

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