70's dance steps

If you are having a 70s party or are planning to attend one, you might want to take some time to learn some of the classic 70s dance steps so you can roll, hustle and do the bus stop like the best of them. Get all dolled up in your 70s disco gear and give your dance moves a little bit of practice so you'll be able to burn up the dance floor under the disco lights.

The Hustle

The Hustle is arguably the most famous and most widely known dance craze of the 70s. It is performed as a group in a line, so everyone could join in on the fun. To do the Hustle, you'll need to line up with the other dancers. When the music comes on, as soon as you hear the words, "Do the Hustle!" step backward four times and then step forward four times. Then, turn right for four beats and left for four beats. From that position, you'll do four of the classic pointing up and pointing down disco moves for eight beats. Then, roll your fists for two counts and do the funky chicken for two counts. Finally, step forward one beat, backward one beat, sideways one beat and make a quarter turn to the left. Then, repeat it all over again.

While this dance is classically performed to the song "Do the Hustle," you can choose any song that is 100 to 125 beats per minute.

The Bus Stop

The Bus Stop is a good dance for beginners, and it is done to the song "Do the Bus Stop!" by The FatBack Band. In this dance, start with your feet together in a line and facing the front of the room. Step back three times, starting with the right foot. On the third step, stop and tap your left foot against your right foot and clap. Repeat the sequence going forward, starting with your left foot and tapping your right foot on the left and clapping when you reach the third step forward. Next, step to the left side with the left foot, and then cross the right foot behind to take another step. Take three steps in this manner before you tap the right foot on the left and clapping. Repeat the sequence, only going right this time, tapping and clapping, then make a quarter turn to the left and start all over again.

The Bump

The bump was an easy, two-step dance craze that inspired several songs including the 1976 song "Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)" by George Clinton and Parliament. During the Bump, dancers simply took one beat to bump hips, and then one beat to sway their hips away. This dance could be done by bumping hips, doing a back to front bump or a side to back bump. It could be extremely sensual, but it probably was one of the precursors to modern bump and grind type dancing. However, the Bump is a good dance that can be done with partners at a disco party.

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