How can I rid loose skin on my neck?

Updated February 21, 2017

Weight loss and ageing cause loose skin between the chin and collarbone. Skin stretches to accommodate extra weight, and if you lose several pounds, your neck skin may not regain its resilience. Sagging neck skin also is a normal part of getting older. You can minimise loose skin by exfoliating, doing neck-firming exercises or getting a surgical neck lift.


Loose skin can regain its resiliency by regular exfoliation and moisturising. You can use an exfoliation treatment, such as Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, which you can purchase online or at speciality stores, or Avon's sagging neck skin treatments.

You also can make your own exfoliation treatment with one part coarse kosher salt and one part olive oil. Rub a generous amount of the mixture on your neck until the salt dissolves. Repeat once every day. Your skin will eventually gain its resiliency and sagging will be slightly reduced.

Neck Exercises

Neck exercises can be used in conjunction with exfoliation treatments and help to strengthen the muscles under the skin to make the skin appear firmer.

For the first exercise, lift your neck up as high as possible while using your thumb and forefinger to gently pull down on your neck skin. Hold for 30 seconds. Next, place your thumb behind the bone under your chin, press your tongue against the lower part of your mouth, so it is almost touching your thumb. Repeat 20 times.

Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures are the most radical, expensive and by far the most effective way to get rid of loose skin on your neck. The two surgical procedures that help get rid of neck skin are neck- and facelifts. As of 2009, neck- and facelifts cost between £2,600 and £5,850.

The neck-lift stretches the skin of the neck up under the chin and cuts out any excess that needs to be removed. The procedure is fairly routine and takes less than an hour to perform.

A facelift stretches the skin of your neck toward your ears and usually includes cheek and other skin tightening. This procedure is recommended if you are dissatisfied with other areas of your face besides the neck.

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