Wood Fireplace Surround Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Many different ideas are out there for creating a wood fireplace surround that you can be proud to show off. A few of them include precast concrete mantels and surrounds, custom carved wood mantel shelves, and wood mantels with tile accents. One great feature of each of these choices is that they are completely modular and customisable which allows you to add your own personal touch to the design. Certain premade components may be available, but you have the opportunity to include only what you like.

Precast Concrete Surrounds

Precast concrete is a versatile product that lets you design your own wood fireplace surround. Each component of the surround is made to order, so it is truly a customisable project. Mantels, surrounds, leg styles and decorative border themes are completely interchangeable. Any wood fireplace style can be accommodated, including corner fireplaces, wraparound fireplaces and two-sided (view-through) fireplaces. You can add corbels, columns or legs to a mantel to create the design that is appropriate for the style of the room. Formal styles, contemporary styles and traditional styles are available.

Custom-Carved Mantel Shelves

Custom-carved wood mantel shelves are heirloom quality wood carvings that are easy to design, easy to install and can be enjoyed for years to come. You can choose from several standard designs and hundreds of custom designs. The standard designs include animal and wildlife scenes, a country scene and religious quotations. Custom designs can be applied to custom sizes as well. Designs include family names, family trees or pedigrees, custom quotations, company and organisation logos, family crests and more. Custom sizes range from 44 inches up to 10 feet. The general wood species used is Northern White Cedar harvested from the upper peninsula of Michigan. Other wood species available include oak, hickory, knotty pine, knotty alder and cherry. Darker woods like mahogany and walnut are available but are not recommended. Patterns and designs are harder to see in darker woods.

Wood Mantels with Tile Accents

You can choose from many options when designing a wood fireplace mantel and surround. Paint-grade materials, such as poplar and medium-density fiberboard, are less expensive than stain-grade wood materials. The stain-grade wood species include oak, cherry, maple, pine, alder, hemlock and Douglas fir. Styles can be completely custom-made or inspired from designs that have been in use for over 100 years. European styles feature clean, straight lines and hand distressing. Another great style is the solid wood timber fireplace mantel that features solid hemlock, white pine, Douglas fir or oak. Each distinctive mantel style can be further customised by adding natural stone tiles to the overall design of the fireplace surround. Accent wooden mantels with marble or granite tiles in colours that will add contrast to the wood colour and add character to the overall palette. Travertine stone tiles are a brilliant when combined with rich, dark wood. Dark-coloured granite and marble tiles do wonders for naturally-finished oak. Design consultants are usually available from the companies you can order custom wood mantels from. Use their expertise to design the fireplace surround of your dreams.

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