The best way to cut foam board

Foam board is used for many craft and presentation projects. It is a strong, rigid board that is more durable than other types of presentation and craft material. Cutting foam board can be challenging due to the hardness of the outer layers and the foam in the middle. With improper cutting, the result can be rough and unsightly edge.

Best straight-line cuts

The best way to cut straight lines on foam board without buying expensive, specialised tools is with a Stanley knife and ruler. Make sure the blade is sharp and replace the blade often when cutting multiple pieces of foam board. Lay a metal-edged ruler that is as long as the line to be cut on the foam board. Hold the ruler very tight so it cannot move while cutting. Hold the utility knife at a 45-degree angle to the foam board. If you hold the knife straight, the result is a ragged edge. Apply even pressure as you cut across the foam board in one continuous line. Stopping and starting will also result in a rough edge.

Best detailed cuts

For those who use foam board for numerous projects, the best way to create more detailed cuts is with the many special tools made especially to cut foam board. The specialised tools developed for cutting foam board may be beneficial for those such as teachers, architects and sales people who use foam board for a variety of projects. It is easier to make detailed cuts without ragged edges with tools that have been developed specifically for cutting foam board. Circles can be cut without mistakes with a circle cutter. A special hole cutter for foam board can be used to cut holes in the same manner as a hole punch without ragged edges. A tool for creating rebate cuts for joining foam board pieces is also available. Curves can be cut with a freestyle cutter, which has a thinner blade than a Stanley knife for a cleaner cut. The best way to cut intricate designs without buying specific foam-board cutting tools is using standard woodworking tools with a fine-toothed blade. Hand tools, such as a coping saw, can be used for intricate cuts. A scroll saw can also be used for cutting foam board. It is important to remember to use the finest blade available for the tool to achieve the best results.

Best geometric-shape cuts

The best way to cut geometric designs such as letters and shapes into foam board is by using a die-cutting tool. These tools are available in many sizes. A die-cutting tool will create consistent geometrically shaped pieces by using the same die for each piece.

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