Foam board advantages

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Foam board is a planar material constructed of one sheet of CFC-free polystyrene adhered between two sheets of acid-free paper. Foam board is an adaptable material that is environmentally-friendly and flexible. It has a variety of uses, comes in many colours and is suitable for home, office or business use.

Environmental Advantages

Foam board is acid-free and pH neutral. It is also non-toxic to humans. It is produced without CFCs, which stands for chlorofluorcarbon, a harmful ozone-depleting substance. The polystyrene panel and two paper sheets are fully recyclable and will therefore not end up in a landfill.

Advantage of Flexible Use

Foam board is extremely versatile in terms of usage. As mentioned by "The Foamboard Store," foam board can easily be cut with a heavy-duty craft knife to form different shapes and forms. For example, you can use the material for model buildings, whether residential, commercial or industrial. You can purchase it in many different widths and lengths that will easily facilitate common scale model sizing. It can also be used for various craft projects or even life-size cutouts.

Advantage of a Professional Appearance

Foam board, when cut, provides a clean, straight edge. It offers a lightweight, strong and rigid surface for presentation statistics, charts and graphs. Because it is pH neutral and acid-free, it offers a suitable surface for the adhesion of photographs. Foam board is UV-treated, so it resists yellowing with age. Therefore, it can be part of long-term presentation needs. It is a popular material for interior signage for retail or commercial businesses. These boards are able to be transported easily and stored readily.

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