Where to sell a used wheelchair

Updated April 17, 2017

You can sell a wheelchair that you don't need any more, as long as it's one that you own and not loaned by a hospital or clinic. To sell a used wheelchair, you may need to find and contact local hospitals, clinics or care homes. Or you can hop online to auction and classified ad websites that reach a larger audience. The available markets are varied and this should help you find a suitable buyer.

Sell locally

Find a medical equipment company. Many of these companies deal with both used and new equipment, buying used wheelchairs and reselling them to hospitals, physiotherapists, pharmacies and other medical facilities. Call the companies and ask whether they want to buy your used wheelchair. If they are not interested, they may refer you to someone who is. Sell your used wheelchair at a large chemist's shop that provides equipment. Post your wheelchair for sale on local noticeboards at newsagent shops, supermarkets, local community centres, libraries, restaurants and coffee shops. You may have to pay a small fee to post your ad.

Sell online

Sell your used wheelchair through eBay or other online sites. Decide if you want to auction your used wheelchair or list it at a set price. Include a realistic delivery cost. Mention a guarantee to increase your buyer's trust level. Include a picture to increase your selling potential. Use Craigslis, Gumtree or other local classified ad sites. List the wheelchair under the "for sale" category or appropriate sub-categories. Check these sites for other used wheelchairs listed to get an idea about your asking price. Include a picture of your wheelchair. List with specialised websites that can match you with a buyer. These websites also offer information for properly describing your wheelchair and other ways to increase its marketability.

Newspaper classifieds

Find local newspapers, advertising magazines, directories and newsletters in which to place your classified ad. Some publications charge a fee, while others offer free classified ads. Your local newspaper will typically run classified ads divided into categories. Some care homes and rehabilitation centres also have newsletters with classified ad sections. Many accept classified ads from non-residents who live in the area.

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