Zoo Animal Nursery Theme Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Expectant parents want to make everything in the nursery perfect for their new baby. Once you decide on a theme, you can let your imagination run wild. A zoo theme will give baby lots of little friends to look at. It's also gender neutral, which is great for parents who are decorating early or don't want to know the baby's gender. There are several ways to turn the baby's nursery into his very own zoo.

Paint a Zoo Animal Wall Mural

Painting a wall mural is a common practice for decorating a room for a child. You don't have to be an artist either. You can use a transparency projector to help you out. First, find images of zoo animals. Look in colouring books or colouring pages online, or you can even draw them yourself. Take your sheet to an office-supply store and request a transparency image. While you are at the office-supply store, rent a projector. You can also borrow one from a library. Project your image of zoo animals on the walls of the baby's room and paint them. It is as easy as colouring in a colouring book. You can paint one wall, or fill the baby's room with zoo friends.

Put Baby in the Zoo

Choose two nursery-friendly colours for the baby's wall. One will be the base. Use the second colour to paint stripes over the base colour on the lower half of the wall, to give it a fenced-in feel. Use painters tape to tape off where the top of the fence will reach, all along the wall. Next, tape off the stripes. The tape will represent the space between the stripes. Paint the bottom portion of the wall around the tape. Next, fill your baby's room with stuffed zoo animals. Place some on a shelf, some on the dresser, and suspend some in a net from the ceiling corner. You can even purchase large stuffed lions and bears and place them on the floor.

Other Zoo Ideas

You can buy wall murals. Many companies sell these designs as square pieces that you apply to the wall, much like wall paper. Others come with a sticky back for easy application. You must give the company the dimensions of your wall and order your zoo-themed mural. If an entire wall is too much, apply a zoo-animal border to the top portion of your wall, or all along the middle. Hang large, framed posters of zoo animals. Finally, turn your baby's furniture into zoo animals. Paint the dresser like an elephant. Start by painting it all grey. Paint two large eyes on the second drawer. Giant floppy ears on the sides of the dresser and a tiny tail on the back of the dresser. Make the nightstand into a monkey and cover the changing table with zebra stripes.

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