Ideas for Decorating Mirrors

Updated November 21, 2016

Mirrors offer a variety of options for interior decorating. Proper placement of a mirror can give the illusion of increased room size. Mirrors can reflect accents, paintings or other artwork for dramatic effect. Mirrors can become such a versatile decorating option that many homeowners refurbish their favourite mirrors with every update to the interior of their homes.


Update a plain mirror by framing it with wooden mouldings. Wooden moulding comes in so many shapes and sizes that you're certain to create a unique look for your new mirror frame. Options include simple wooden baseboard trim or ornate dental mouldings. Visit your local hardware store to see the many options available for framing a plain mirror. Professional framing companies will also frame your mirror with a custom look. Many companies will work from measurements to create a frame for you to mount on the mirror. Adhesive and mounting hardware can be purchased at the hardware store.

Painting Techniques

You can paint a newly installed wooden frame to match your decor Create a muted look with flat paint or match the woodwork colours in your rooms with semigloss paint. Texture can be easily applied to a newly framed or existing mirror using spray paint. Sponging, rag-rolling or stiff-brush techniques create a unique look for any mirror frame.

Applying older pieces of wood to the edge of the frame allows you to give it a distressed look. Distressing involves applying watered-down paint to a wooden surface and wiping off the excess water. This application creates a light coat of paint on the surface of the wood and causes thinned paint to seep into the wood frame cracks. Dry brushing also creates a distressed look by brushing light coats of paint to the raised surfaces of the frame. Simply dip the brush ends into paint, wipe almost all excess off the brush onto a clean sheet of paper or rag and lightly brush across the wooden frame for a muted effect.

Decorating Unframed Mirrors

All mirrors don't need frames. Some mirrors, such as those for the bathroom or in kids' rooms, beg for updates beyond the more sedate frame. Arm yourself with a bottle of tacky craft glue and you can create a mirror to fit any style. For children, consider gluing toy cars at the corners or around the frame edge. Shells, fake gems or beads spice up even the plainest unframed mirror. Use fabric edging, curtains or even shutters to dress up a plain mirror. For a nautical theme, glue rope in a winding design around the border of the frame and attach shells to the rope. Glue smaller mirrors onto your larger mirror for a unique design that adds reflective dimension to any room.

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