Panasonic DVD S35 Troubleshooting

Updated February 21, 2017

The Panasonic DVD S35 is a DVD player capable of playing various forms of disc media. As with most electronic devices, the S35 occasionally does not function as intended. Most of the problems that occur are common and can be overcome by troubleshooting the machine and making the fix yourself.

Play Doesn't Start or Stops Immediately

You may encounter a situation where the S35 is powered on but the "Play" button does not start the disc or it starts and stops immediately. There are several reasons why this may occur. First, check that you are using a DVD or CD disc. The S35 does not play other disc types, such as Blu-ray.

Next, check that the disc is not dirty. If the disc is dirty, take a clean and dry cloth and wipe off the disc. The best way to wipe off the disc is to start near the centre and move out in a straight line. This will prevent you from damaging the disc.

If you are using a DVD-RAM disc, make sure that it is not blank. Place a DVD-RAM disc with recorded disc in the player. Another cause of the play button not working is condensation inside the DVD player. Condensation most often forms when the device is moved from one extreme temperature to another. For example, the machine was sitting in a cold car and then moved to an heated room. If you suspect condensation has formed inside the machine, turn it off and let it sit for two hours before trying to use it again.

None of the Buttons Work

If you try to operate the S35 but it does not respond when pressing any buttons on the machine or the remote, there may be static electricity build-up inside the player. You will need to discharge the static electricity so the machine can work properly. To discharge the static electricity, press the "Power" button so the machine is in "Standby" mode and then press it again. If that doesn't work, put the S35 in "Standby" and then unplug it for a few seconds. Plug the DVD player back into the power outlet and use the machine as normal.

No Sound or Distorted Sound

Sound issues sometimes occur with the S35. The first thing you should check is that all of the wires are connected and secure in both the S35 and the device you are connecting to, whether it is a television or a speaker system. Make sure the settings for the device are set properly.

Next, try to adjust the volume on the sound device. If there is no volume, try to turn it up. If the sound is distorted it might be too loud and you should try to turn it down.

Finally, if you are using the S35's "Advanced Surround" feature, it may be causing distortion to the sound. The "Advanced Surround" feature mimics a surround sound set-up when using two front speakers or headphones. Unfortunately, it can distort the sound when some discs are played in the machine. Press the "A.SRD" button to turn it off.

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