Easy Crafts to Sell

Updated February 21, 2017

When you are looking into easy crafts to sell, you have to keep in mind your skill level and how much money is needed to purchase your materials--after all, making a profit is key. The important aspect of selling crafts is to take the time to do it neatly or no one will want to buy what you made. But some easy crafts can be learnt quickly.

Things to Know

It would be nice to know what kinds of crafts are hot sellers, but trends change quickly. Still, certain crafts will do better than others if the craftsmanship is good and people find them unique. You have to keep in mind the time of year for selling certain crafts and offer attractive crafts that are well made.

Scented Craft

Scented teddy bears are a good seller and it is a surprisingly easy craft. But you may want to consider branching into other forms of this art by using different types of stuffed animals or fabric Christmas ornaments. Bears or plush animals come already made and can be purchased inexpensively at dollar stores or department stores. Fabric ornaments you can learn to make or purchase. Dollar stores often have fabric ornaments with two or three in a set for a dollar. See the references section for the technique of wax dipping. After they are dipped just add some extra touches with lace, ribbon or tiny poinsettias. No special talent is needed for this craft, you just need to melt wax and learn the correct technique, then you will be dipping your way easily to a nice profit.

Fashion Flip Flops

This is very simple to do and basic flip flops are very cheap to purchase. Getting creative is what will make your flip flops sell. Most people love how they look but do not want to take the time to do it themselves. Purchase assorted ribbons, flowers, gem stones, charms, beads and patterned fabrics. Hobby Lobby or their online store sell colourful flip flops as a base for under £1.30. Imagination is all you need to add some attractive embellishments.

Garden Crafts

Come up with some unusual ideas for what to use as planters for flowers or herbs. Take a trip to the dollar store or go to some garage sales and use your imagination. Use cheap wicker baskets, old boots, small wooden birdhouses, little aluminium pails--anything attractive that holes can be made in at the bottom for drainage. All you need after that is potting soil and some flowers. Buy the flowers as cheaply as possible and choose hardy flowers such as marigolds, petunias or impatiens. Split the flowers up to put into their new home: one pot of purchased flowers can be divided up into two or three planters depending on their size. Garden crafts usually sell well and this one is as simple as you can get.

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