Romantic things to write in a card

Updated July 20, 2017

When giving a card for any special occasion, it is important to include a message that will stand out and show the recipient that a good amount of thought went into its selection. A romantic card that has been carefully composed can set the ideal mood for the celebration, and may become a treasured keepsake for the recipient for years to come.


Romantic quotes and sayings are widely available. The key is finding one that seems personal rather than overused. Using a quote from the card recipient's favourite author, for example, would add a personalised touch even if the words are not original. Lines from a favourite movie or play, perhaps one that you saw on a date together, would also have the same effect. Quotes dealing with the theme of love, promises to care for one another, or something silly with a fun, romantic memory attached are all appropriate options. Introduce the quote with a reason why it is meaningful to the relationship you share in a personal way.


Taking the time to compose a poem adds romance to any card. Of course, many feel intimidated by the idea of trying to compose their own literary work. If this is the case, many poems are available that can be quoted for the occasion. The key is to select a passage that seems personal and relates to the relationship or occasion that the card is celebrating. Poems with themes of togetherness, long-term romance, or bringing comfort to each other are appropriate choices. Introduce the poem with an explanation of what made you think of the recipient when you selected it.

Summarising Personal Feelings

Most cards in the store already have messages printed inside, leaving less space to add an additional message. If the passage in the card is lengthy and elaborate, it may be best to include only a sentence or two so the card does not seem cluttered. Imagine what you would say if you had to summarise the relationship with the recipient in just a few words. Think about the way they make you feel, what makes them attractive, why you want to be together. A simple "I love you" is a nice way to finish the thought.


If celebrating a holiday or special occasion, it can be fun to use the card to remember past festivities. In the card, describe a happy memory that relates to the occasion. A first Christmas celebration together, a date that is a particularly happy memory, or the first time you realised the depth of your feelings for the recipient are all good examples. Discussing plans you are making together for the future can also have a similar effect.

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