Home Remedy Treatments for a Leg Ulcer

Updated April 17, 2017

Leg ulcers are the result of poor leg circulation, usually in older people. These ulcers may also crop up on diabetics or people with varicose veins. They tend to be slow healing due to the lack of proper circulation in your extremities. There are several home remedies available that can help with the treatment and prevention of leg ulcers. Make sure, though, that if leg ulcers are a recurring problem for you, you get checked out by a doctor for any possible underlying cause.


To treat leg ulcers, you may turn to things that are in your pantry at home. Garlic, for instance, has the ability to improve circulation and therefore can keep your legs from having circulation problems. Take a few cloves of garlic and chop them up. Take these pieces and rub them against the affected area. Repeat this for a few days and you should see an improvement in the ulcer. Alternately, you can sprinkle garlic powder on the ulcer if you don't have raw garlic.

Drink and eat things that are rich in Vitamin C for another boost to circulation. Oranges and orange juice are a good source of Vitamin C, as are many other fruits and vegetables.

You can also make a paste that can go over the ulcer using beeswax and honey. Take 56.7gr of beeswax and melt them, then add a cup of honey. Spread this mixture over your ulcer and wrap it with a bandage. Do this twice a day and be sure to change the bandage each time.

Colloidal silver is an antiseptic and antibiotic that should help heal your leg ulcers. It can be taken internally or applied directly to the wound daily.

You may also turn to serrapeptase to help clear up your leg ulcers, as it is used to remove nonliving tissue and blood clots.

Zell oxygen, because of its inclusion of many essential vitamins and nutrients, should be used to treat leg ulcers as well. It can boost your circulation and improve your immune system and your overall health.


Preventing leg ulcers is an equally important part of the treatment process. Once you take care of the ulcers that are already present, work on making sure that you don't have recurring ulcers. Elevate your legs as often as possible to make sure that blood doesn't wind up pooling in your lower extremities. The blood needs to circulate back to your heart properly, so keeping your legs elevated slightly above your heart whenever possible can be a big help. You may want to regularly apply heat to your legs. Putting a heating pad on your legs can boost circulation and keep your veins from swelling or being backed up.

Make sure you eat a healthy, balanced diet every day to prevent leg ulcers. Stay away from processed foods such as refined sugar because they can have a negative effect on your circulation. Also avoid caffeine, fried foods, tobacco, alcohol and starches. If you are overweight, losing some weight will help keep you from having leg ulcers and help with your leg circulation.

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