Brick and wood fence ideas

Updated July 05, 2018

Both brick and wood are effective materials for creating private and bold fencing. Your design plan may include to use either of these durable materials alone or together to create a tailor-made fence or wall. Your design can also change the level of privacy you want with your fence to further customise it.

Why brick and wood

Brick is an expensive material to use when building a fence. The materials will cost anywhere from £390 to £1,040 for a 60 cm (2 foot) high fence 4.5 m (15 feet) long. To be done properly, you will need a skilled craftsman to lay the brick and ensure it is secure. People like brick because it has a sturdy look and will last until someone knocks it down. But because of its cost, many people will use the brick as a base and build the wood up for style and privacy. Wood is much more economical, ranging from £5 to £13 per foot. When done right, the combination can create a dynamic fence that not only provides privacy and protection but allows airflow.

Design Concepts

When designing a brick and wood fence, first consider your budget. Think about how much brick you can afford. Once you have your budget, determine if you will have the brick as a single layer foundation along the base of the fence or if you will have a foundation with brick pillars separating wooden panels.

Determine how high your foundation will be and how high you will extend your pillars. Some designs use different pillar heights with rounded wood fence tops to add further customisation to the fence. The wood panels can be designed to be almost completely private or more open with wider slats.

A great design idea is to take the fence around an entire home property and keep the back garden tall and private with the fence height lowering as you come through to the front, opening the garden for viewing. This keeps the fence uniform while highlighting the landscaping of the front of the home.


The basic reason people create any sort of fence is to mark an area off. The reason may be for privacy, protection or access prevention. If you are creating a brick and wood fence for a garden, you will be concerned with keeping accidental feet from trampling the garden. This fence does not need to be high or private. One or two layers of brick as a base with a picket fence design over it will keep unwanted feet out. If you are surrounding a pool, you will want something that is perhaps higher with a secure gate that children cannot climb over. You would not want to limit visibility into the pool area for safety reasons. Surrounding a patio or home is where most people will look for a higher fence with more privacy.

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