Baptism Cake Decorating Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A baptism is a significant spiritual occasion so it's important to find the cake to fit the occasion. The cake usually comes at a celebration reception following a church service so the cake should continue the religious theme.

Enough Cake for Your Guests

Take into account how many people will attend the baptism reception. If it is an intimate family affair, the host can choose a complex and decorative cake. However, if you are expecting a lot of guests, consider having extra sheet cakes in addition to a decorative cake. If decorating a full cake seems overwhelming for the number of people you expect, you can decorate baptism sugar cookies or cupcakes. These are easy to whip up and a quick way to serve a large number of guests.

Colour Scheme

Choose a colour scheme that complements the person who has been baptised. If it is for a child, consider pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Cakes, cookies and cupcakes can also be monogrammed with the initials of the child. If the cake celebrates the baptism of an adolescent, consider hobbies and characteristics of the child. If it is for an adult, make sure the decorations and colour are appropriate for the age and highlights the spiritual significance of the occasion.

If you are going to prepare the cake yourself, consider the flavour in relation to the occasion. Devils Food Cake might be tasty but might seem a little off for a baptism. Consider light, fruity flavours like Key Lime, Vanilla Cake or Angel-Food Cake.

For frosting options, a rich buttermilk frosting is always delicious. If you are more adventurous, try making a fondant topping. This can be a time intensive process but is such a classy way to present your cake. Also, fondant frosting holds a shape very well so top decorations tend to stay in place for longer.

Cake Shape

Some baptism cakes are made in the shape of a cross, which requires a special cross-shaped baking pan. A cross shape cake is the best shape and can be frosted in white and then decorated with a colourful stained-glass topping or can be decorated with flowers and the name of the person being baptised or can even be covered in chocolate. Regardless of the top decorations, the shape speaks for itself. For round or rectangular cakes, consider decorations that include a cross, a Bible or a floral motif. Browse through a baking shop or party-supply store to see what kind of options are available for you.

If you are going to order a cake from a bakery, leave ample time to browse the selection of baptism cakes they offer and to test taste a few options. Most bakeries can have it ready within a few days but the more direction you can provide on colour and flavour, the more tailored the cake will be.

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