Decorating Ideas for a Princess Bedroom

Updated March 23, 2017

Make your daughter a princess in her own castle by decorating her bedroom around a princess theme. A beautiful palace can be created on any budget and with any skill level. Truly wonderful bedroom spaces require special attention to wall painting, furniture and decorations.


The backdrop of the finished room can dramatically enhance or retract from the overall appeal. It is important to make sure that paint, curtains and other wall decor are in keeping with the overall theme. Never leave the walls bare and white unless absolutely necessary.

Artistic decorators can paint murals on the wall. No extreme skill is required to accomplish this, as a simple castle with banners is adequate. Consider looking at the girl's favourite storybooks or colouring books for inspiration. The walls can also be painted to resemble a field of flowers, and the ceiling a light blue. Include small creatures and a unicorn for a magical touch, and the little girl will feel like the princess of her own woodland kingdom.

If painting altogether exceeds the patience or skill of the decorator, consider purchasing printed murals or stickers. These come in a variety of sizes, shapes and themes. If desired, murals can be purchased for all the walls in the room, giving a panoramic view.

Curtains should be coloured to fit the theme. Luxury fabrics like velvet, satin and lace immediately lend a rich feeling to the room. The curtains should be long and full, and tied back with thick cords. Consider putting curtains around the door also.


The bed should be the largest, central focus of the room. Any bed can be modified into a princess's dream with the use of a simple canopy. Hung from a single ceiling hook, a purchased canopy drapes over the head of the bed. Of course, there are beds made with full-length canopies, but these come at an additional cost and may not be realistic for a child's room.

If the walls are decorated with a mural or other complicated painting, it is best to keep the bedding simple. A solid, theme-based colour works well. Make sure to adorn the bed with generous amounts of pillows.

A vanity with a large mirror gives the girl a chance to primp and polish herself to look like a true princess. Decorate one side of the mirror with a collage of glam photos of her in her favourite dress.

The princess will need to have access to her royal wardrobe. Consider sectioning off closet space or purchasing a smaller play wardrobe for dress up clothes, including princess dresses, high heeled shoes and play jewellery.

Existing furniture can be tailored the theme with a simple coat of paint. Consider adding embellishments with a gold pen.


There are many simple ways to enhance the princess's suite, but it should be done with care to avoid clutter.

Install small shelves around the room in various locations to hold displays. These displays could include tiaras, framed and "autographed" pictures of Disney princesses, cases of Disney princess movies, and other similar decorations.

In keeping with the princess theme, all decorations should be regal and fancy. To decorate on a budget, consider shopping at thrift stores and other second-hand shops.

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