Natural Cures for Dog Ear Infections

Updated November 21, 2016

A common factor for dog ear infections is long ears. Basset hounds, beagles and blood hounds have long ears and more frequent ear infections. However, all dogs can get ear infections. Moisture in the ear breeds bacteria causing ear infections. Poor balance, frequent head shaking, redness inside the ears, ear odour and scratching the ears are symptoms of infections. Always discuss natural cures for dog ear infections with your local veterinarian.

Garlic as a Natural Cure

Clean the dog's ear with a mild soap and water. Dry the ear with a dry washcloth. Place a small amount of garlic juice on a cotton ball. Wipe the inside of the dog's ear to remove dirt. Repeat with new cotton balls until the ear is clean. Dry the ear area with the washcloth. Give your dog brewer's yeast and garlic nutritional supplements for dogs. Read the supplement label for proper dosing for your dog's age and weight.

Herbs to Fight Infection

Echinacea naturally boosts the immune system. Strong immune systems fight infections of all types, including dog ear infections. Goldenseal fights skin infections. Give your dog Echinacea and Goldenseal nutritional supplements. Talk to your veterinarian about proper dosages for your dog's weight.

Essential Oils for Dog Ear Infections

Never apply essential oils directly into the dog's ear canal or combine them. Essential oils are concentrated. Rubbing directly onto the skin is painful. Select from one of the following essential oils for dog ear infections: Impatiens, Crab Apple, Centaury or Holly. You can purchase pre-made essential oil remedies or make them at home.

To make an essential oil remedy, place one drop of essential oil into a clean mug. Add several tablespoons of non-essential oil, such as sweet almond oil or watermelon oil. Mix the oil concentrate and non-essential oil well. Fill a sterilised baby dropper with the mixture. Apply a few drops into the infected dog's ear. Rub the sides of the ear and temple in a circular motion for one minute. Wipe the ear canal with a dry, clean cotton ball.

Organic Ear Cleaning Cloths

Organic ear cleaning cloths give relief for ear infections. These cloths clean the ear canal with all-natural cleaning agents reducing dog ear infections. Purchase organic ear-cleaning cloths from your local veterinarian's office or a local groomer. Remove a cleaning cloth from the jar. Lift the dog's ear. Wipe gently in a circular motion inside the ear. Clean between ear crevices. Dispose of wipe. Repeat until the ear is clean of dirt.

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