Tennis Elbow Recovery

Updated February 21, 2017

Tennis elbow happens when the tendons of the forearm develop tears and become inflamed. This can affect everything from brushing your hair, to shaking hands, to lifting heavy objects. Recovery from tennis elbow is a slow process, but with a dedicated routine, it is possible.

Initial Treatment

Recovery starts by stopping any activity that causes you pain. Using ice and taking anti-inflammatory medication can help reduce any swelling and pain. Ice should be used two or three times a day and for 15 to 20 minutes each session.

Stretching and Strengthening

When the pain around your elbow has eased, a daily stretching and exercise routine should begin. Stretching can keep the joint from becoming stiff. Strengthening exercises help to prevent any further injury. Ice should always be used after exercising to control the swelling and pain.

Elbow Arm Band

When you do return to daily activities, start back slowly. Wearing an arm band placed just below the elbow can help support the forearm. The band helps reduce the stress on the tendons and reduce inflammation and pain, aiding the healing process.


If your elbow isn't improving after one to two months, consult with a doctor to see if having a cortisone injection can help with the recovery process. This may ease the pain enough to allow you to continue your strengthening routine.

Recovery Time

Like other sport's injuries full recovery from tennis elbow can take weeks, months and sometimes a couple of years. The success of recovery takes patience and depends upon how well you adhere to the treatment program.

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