23rd birthday ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

As you turn 23, your friends may have scattered across the country and it can be difficult to get people together. It may be easier to arrange a small get-together than a major bash, and hold your party on a Friday or Saturday night for the best turnout.

Sporting Event Birthday

By age 23, you're probably over the whole "birthday party" thing. Instead, invite a small group of friends to watch your favourite team, either in person or on TV. Enjoy hot dogs, nachos and a beer with your closest pals and spend your special day cheering on your favourites. If you want to splurge, take a road trip and follow your favourite team out of town.

Visit a Place You've Never Been

It's not a milestone birthday, but make your 23rd special by going someplace you've never been before. Climb a mountain, fly to a city you've never seen or go to a museum you've been meaning to visit. Bring along a friend or two--or even more.

Sky Dive

If you're feeling super-adventurous, try jumping out of an aeroplane. Skydiving companies will give you a mini-lesson, an instructor to jump in tandem with you and equipment rentals for about £130. Bring your best friend along, strap in and don't forget to pull the cord.

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