Hairstyles for Weddings for Kids

Updated April 27, 2018

Whether she's a flower girl or a junior bridesmaid, every wedding guest oohs and ahs when an adorable little girl comes down the aisle. Children can wear a number of hairstyles on the big day, although the bride should always be consulted beforehand on what she envisions for her special day.

Mini Bride

Some brides will include their flower girls or junior bridesmaids in all the wedding day beauty prep, and will invite the little girls to use the hairstylists that are helping the bridal party. In this case, have the stylist do a "mini" version of the bride's style; if the bride has an elaborate updo, the child can wear her hair pinned up in a simplified version of that. If the bride is wearing her hair braided around her head, have the child's hair arranged in a single braid down her back.

Half Up/Half Down

Pull the top of the hair up into a ponytail, leaving a few pieces loose at the sides. Use a curling iron to curl the loose pieces and the hair in the ponytail. You can also curl the bottom half of the hair, depending on if the child is able to sit still long enough. Spray thoroughly with hairspray to keep the curls in place.


This hairstyle works best for more casual weddings, but can also be appropriate for church ceremonies as long as it looks polished. Gather the hair into a high ponytail at the top of her hair, or a low ponytail at her neck. Wrap it with a regular hair rubber band to keep it secure, then add embellishments on top of the ponytail. Use another hairband that has an artificial flower attached in the colour scheme of the wedding, or clip a sparkly barrette over the band.


Curl all the child's hair with a curling iron, then spray with hairspray to keep it all in place. Then add a crown of flowers on top of her head. Buy fake flowers that match the wedding colours from a craft supply store and weave them together to make a circle large enough to sit on top of her head. Secure the flowers with a hot glue gun. Use hair clips to keep it in place on the child's head.

Leave it Loose

Children have beautiful hair that hasn't yet been damaged by all the heat and the products that adults use, so it tends to be strong and shiny. Even if the bridal party members all have their hair up, younger members of the party can get away with leaving their hair a little more casual. Leave it completely natural, or add a simple headband. This style isn't a good idea for beach weddings; she'll spend the whole day pushing the hair out of her face.

For Boys

The ring bearer's preparation for the big day is usually much simpler than the flower girl's, but little boys do need a little help to get their hair ready. The rules are simple; his hair should be neat and kept out of his face. Use a wet comb to slick it back into a neat style--but wait until as close to the ceremony as possible, and keep the comb handy all day. You can also try a little gel for a polished, modern look.

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