Gift Ideas for New Drivers

Updated February 21, 2017

If you know someone who recently passed their driver's exam and is a new driver, it is appropriate to give them a small gift to celebrate the occasion. Ideal gifts will celebrate the recent achievement and give the new driver encouragement for her newfound freedom and independence on the road.

Key Chains

Key chains are the easiest and often most appropriate choice for a gift for new drivers. The key chain allows the driver to carry your gift with him along with the keys to his car. While the key chain can feature anything, special "new driver" themed key chains exist that offer words of encouragement and gentle reminders for new drivers. Key chains are also an appropriate gift for new drivers, as they are generally very inexpensive.

Driver Safety Kits

If the new driver that you are purchasing the gift for is a little nervous behind the wheel, a good gift is a driver's safety kit. These safety kits generally include flashlights, car jacks and flares. All these items are great for a new driver worried about her first flat tire or fender bender. Although these kits are more expensive than a traditional key chain, giving a new driver a safety kit will help set his mind at ease when he thinks about life's little "bumps" on the highway.

Car Care Kit

If the new driver's license came with a new car, a great gift to give in celebration of both of these occasions is a car care kit. A small gift bag containing car wash solution, a small vacuum, car wax, or a tire pressure indicator is a great way to motivate the new driver to take care of her new car. The car care kit will also help the new driver offset some of the small costs associated with car ownership.

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