Multi-gym exercises

Updated February 21, 2017

If you need to do weight resistance training on several muscle groups but don't want to go to a gym, purchasing a multigym system may be beneficial. Multi-gyms are good because they can combine many workouts on one large unit, using accessories that require little changeover time. Typical exercises on a multigym are lateral pull downs, bench press and leg extensions.

Lateral Pull-Downs

The lateral pull-down machine is often included in a multigym set, be it a Bowflex or a traditional plate stack set. To do a proper lateral pull-down on a traditional machine, you would first sit on the bench, facing the weights. Adjust the bench and the supporting roll bars as necessary so that your feet are flat on the floor and the roll bars are just above the knee. Once you get a sense of how you'll sit, stand up and grip the lateral bar with hands gripping wide on the bar. Pull the bar down as you get back into your seated position. Inhale as you extend your arms up as far as possible without leaving the bench. Exhale as you pull the bar down, again trying not to leave the bench. That completes the first of 10 repetitions. On the last repetition, allow the lateral bar to go up and then stand up.

Bench Press

The bench press set up on a multigym gives you more control over the weights with no worry about a bar crashing on your face if your muscles fail. The amount you lift may not be equal to a traditional barbell press because the weights are essentially behind you and not over your chest. To complete a good bench press repetition, start by lying down on the bench with your feet flat on the ground. Get a wide grip on the bench press bar, ensuring it is above your chest. Take a deep breath, and then exhale as you press the bar up until your elbows lock. Inhale as you lower the bar, and then exhale as you go up again. Each upward motion is one of 12 repetitions in a set. Fewer repetitions with heavier weights will add bulk to your muscles.

Leg Extensions

The upper body isn't the only part that gets worked out with a multigym. The leg extension option allows you to work out your quadriceps muscles on the front of your thigh. Leg extensions begin with you sitting on the bench with your ankles hooked underneath the roll bar. If your multigym has them, grip the bars on the side of the bench. Take a deep breath and then exhale as you straighten out your legs by pressing up on the roll bar with your ankles.

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