Ways to wear white linen trousers

Updated March 23, 2017

Linen trousers express class and style. It gives the wearer a laid-back, relaxed look that would be acceptable in many different settings. Linen is made of fibres from the flax plant. Compared with cotton or polyester, it is fairly expensive to make. When you wear linen trousers, you can interchange among dressy, casual and beach wear with just few clothing items and accessories.


While white linen trousers aren't usually a good choice for formal affairs, you can wear them to a cocktail party or dance. Just wear them with a pair of stylish beige or deep brown loafers for men or a pair of open-toed heels for women -- just about any colour except black would work depending on the colour of your top. Black shoes are not an ideal choice with linen except when you are wearing a black linen outfit because the black interrupts the soft "flow" of the trousers.

Men might wear a matching white linen button-up top with your trousers if you are going to a dressy event. You can wear a sleeveless T-shirt or vest underneath in the colour of your choice. Women could wear a linen or cotton halter or tunic top or a floral blouse. Again, the colour would ideally match your shoes unless you are wearing a white top, which will go with just about any colour shoe.


For a casual look with white linen trousers, match them with sandals. For men, fisherman sandals or leather thong sandals (again, avoid black) will create a cool, laid-back look with these trousers. To finish the look, you can throw on a simple, crisp and new white T-shirt, tucked into the trousers.

Women can also wear thong flats or kitten-heeled sandals with white linen trousers for a casual look along with a loose, lightweight rayon mix or linen tank top shirt.


White linen trousers are also popular for relaxing or taking strolls on the beach. In this case, you can simply go barefoot (or wear your flip-flops) along with a sleeveless T-shirt for men (any colour) or a regular spaghetti-strapped snug-fitting top for women (again, any colour).

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