Craft Ideas Using Old Windows

Old wood-framed windows are available at thrift and antique stores or may be lying around after a remodelling project. Instead of passing them by or discarding them, they can be used in creative craft projects and be given a new life in decorating your home. Craft ideas using old windows range from simple and decorative to more complex and utilitarian.

Faux Stained Glass

Windows that are in wooden frames work best for creating faux stained glass scenes. Glass paint can be used to paint the scene on the window, and it can be hung where the light will shine through it to liven up the colours.

The frame should first be sanded and repainted, then eye hooks are screwed into the frame. Use a chain suspended from the eye hooks to hang the window. Glass paints are available in a large range of colours. The waterproof type that does not need to be heat hardened has to be used for this project. They can be painted on or marker styles are available that can be drawn on for more precise details.

Glass marbles can also be glued to the window to make a mosaic with a stained glass effect. Etching creams can be applied in a variety of designs for a monotone decorative hanging similar to stained glass without the colour.

Serving trays

Wood-framed windows that are not divided into grids make attractive trays to use around the home. The frames may need to be sanded and painted so there is no danger of splinters. Cover a thin piece of plywood the same size as the frame with pretty fabric or paper and paint the back of the plywood.

Glass paints can be used to draw a few simple designs on the underside of the window or it can be left bare. The plywood is nailed to the window frame with the fabric or paper between the wood and the glass. Screw ornate cabinetry handles to either side of the wood window frame to make the tray easy to carry.


Windows can be used to make attractive indoor or outdoor furniture. Any size window can be used, depending on the size of the project. Make sure the glass is still held properly inside the frame, otherwise it will need to be reglazed. Refinish the frames in colours to complement the decor.

Add legs to the windows to make them into various size tables. Large door windows can become patio or dining tables and smaller windows work well for end and accent tables. Windows with grid work and multiple panes make interesting table designs. The windows can also be layered over a wood board and small trinkets such as old coins can be displayed beneath the glass.


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